- Naace Lead for the 3rd Millennium Learning Award.
- pioneer of ‘Bring your own technology’ approaches since the early 1990s.
- aiding school adoption of online platforms since their inception.
- over 30 years experience helping schools.
- unique insight into educational change catalysed by technology.

Take your school to the next level of education. Education is going through a radical change. We have two kinds of school; those schools that have normalised the use of technology and digital approaches provide a much better education for their pupils. The gap between these schools and those still resisting the change is large - and parents are starting to notice.

Being a school fit for the connected world involves a lot more than good use of technology:
  • A ‘virtuous spiral’ of improving pupil attitudes to learning has to be established.
  • The whole staff have to develop a collaborative and networked mindset.
  • Creative approaches to teaching and learning need to be adopted.
  • The curriculum needs to include real-world extended entitlements.
  • Technology investment and assessment of impact and ROI need to be approached with a new mindset.

The essence of transformed education is simple - the practice is more complex. Schools go through several evolutionary stages in the process of normalising the use of digital throughout the school - see The Taxonomy of School Evolutionary Stages and the complementary publication Evolution Within the Threads. For an initial free conversation on how to turn your school into the right kind of school, contact me by phone or email.

Parents - ask these questions of your childrens’ schools. For my views on why these are the key indicators of whether a school is at least on the way to being a 3rd millennium school see my blog. In preparation - The Parent’s Guide to 3rd Millennium Learning - please contact me for details.

See what is happening in schools that have adopted 3rd millennium learning in the lovely short videos made by schools for the Naace 3rd Millennium Learning Award.