Services for schools

Guidance for you and your senior leadership team. It is not easy to see what is happening in other schools. And it is not easy to imagine what is possible in your school when pupils’ attitudes change due to 3rd millennium learning approaches. A small amount of consultancy can considerably accelerate development of your understanding of the changes happening. Facilitated visioning sessions with your senior leadership team will allow ideas and opinions to surface that might otherwise remain hidden. Objections to change can be more easily addressed.

Support for your eLearning Manager and technology strategy group.
Middle managers in schools need courage to lead the radical changes that adoption of technology use and connected-world pedagogy create. External support can help them extend their horizons and find the exemplars to use with other members of staff.

Helping your staff develop an educational vision for the connected world.
Creation of 3rd millennium learning and the resultant significant increases in achievement has to happen across the whole school. Teachers’ attitudes need to change alongside the changing pupil attitudes. External input to whole-school or departmental professional development helps ensure the dynamic is one of collaborative development rather than imposed change.

Measurement of the impact of your current and proposed technology investments.
Once the school’s technology infrastructure becomes mission-critical there are difficult decisions for senior leadership teams and governors. The impact of investment must be visible and measured. There are techniques to enable this, that will allow those making difficult financial decisions to understand how they will result in better learning and teachers exercising their highest professionalism.

Procurement guidance and advice.
The choices presented by technology in education are very diverse and rapidly changing. Do you follow the current trends or take longer-term views that will survive disruptive new technologies? Procurement decisions must be driven by the teaching and learning imperatives not technology considerations. The procurement consultancy provided will help you ensure the school’s decisions are soundly based with clear understanding of what must be done to realise the possible impact and to monitor it.