Broadie Associates services for companies

Roger Broadie has undertaken diverse consultancy tasks with a wide range of the leading companies involved with ICT in Education. These range across individual sessions or reports, intensive short-term tasks and longer-term strategic relationships.

Services can be agreed on the basis of fees for specific tasks, consultancy time expected to achieve desired outcomes, or rolling contracts renewed against outcomes and continuing needs.

Creation of Impact Studies to better promote your products and services can be done at all levels from individual marketing statements based on the experiences of one school, through to full reports and studies across a number of schools.

Examples of services successfully undertaken are:

  • Acting as Interim Strategic ICT lead in a BSF LEP, pending appointment of the ICT Programme Director and ICT Transformation Lead, establishing governance and processes to embed an ethos of transformation through ICT in the work of the LEP and providing the required ICT input to educators and constructors.
  • Providing business development consultancy, developing strategic marketing approaches to the ICT in education market and guiding tactical marketing campaigns. These services have ranged from a single day’s consultancy to several-year continuing relationships, and from work on individual marketing materials to development of policy-level relationships.
  • Establishing networks of reference schools and working with the schools to evidence the impact from the products and services of the company.
  • Acting as an advocate for the company and its services with educators, potential business partners, and government and its agencies, to promote the company or to establish beneficial projects. Broadie Associates will always do this from the basis of true educational impact supported by existing customers.
  • Linking a company’s products and services to the UK educational qualifications framework and specific qualifications offered by examination boards.
  • Market and competitor analysis and consultancy on the strategic business direction of the company.
  • Keynote lead at product awareness events to establish the link between the products/services and educational benefit.
  • Reports and studies for internal and external use, to improve the match of products/services to market need and to guide marketing.
  • Conference, exhibition and event planning, organisation and leadership.

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