What is 3rd millennium learning?

There is no set way for schools to provide a 3rd millennium learning experience for their pupils, but there are common approaches that are seen across many of the schools that are achieving it. The nature of 3rd millennium learning is also continually developing as schools discover approaches that work even better.

The Naace 3rd Millennium Learning Guides, and schools that have gained the Award, are defining 3rd millennium learning through a number of dimensions of change that schools might wish to adopt. These are listed in the guidance for schools wishing to make a submission for the Award that you can download from here.

Because the main way that 3rd millennium learning works is through changing pupils’ and teachers’ attitudes and hence what they achieve, it is hard to see from outside a school why it works so well. You have to experience the energy and engagement that pupils become willing to give to their work, and to understand how this enables teachers to change the ways in which they use their energy and time. See my initial analysis of how 3rd millennium learning works.