Raising Pupils’ Energy in Learning

“Raising Pupils’ Energy in Learning” is set of resources developed by Roger Broadie, to help schools practically implement 3rd millennium learning.

The resources are most effectively used with some initial guidance, to stimulate your teachers to imagine beyond current approaches and to find the best exemplar schools to look at.

The four inter-locking strands in these resources are:
- curriculum, pedagogy and creative approaches to learning.
- publishing, audience, feedback and assessment.
- getting the full impact from technology.
- driving and building the positive attitude changes amongst pupils.

The two key factors for success with 3rd millennium learning in a school are:
- spreading leadership from the Head to the whole school community.
- choosing, from the very many possibilities, the foci that will work in your school.

The aim - whether through consultancy with the senior leadership team, in-school work with teachers, or through providing external inputs is to build your school’s capacity to progressively develop 3rd millennium learning.