People leading development of ICT in Education

This is a personal selection of people who are worth Googling and learning from. The link is just a starting point; they may have other blogs and websites and be active social networkers in addition to these links.

Apologies to all those whose brains I have picked who I have not yet included here.

Fiona Aubrey-Smith - using learning platforms in infant and primary schools
David Baugh - digital video in education
Miles Berry - using open source software in education
Mike Bostock - using data to focus school improvement
Graham Brown-Martin - using mobile and ubiquitous technologies to gain transformational improvements in learning
Leon Cych - web 2.0 in education and Second Life
Gareth Davies - use of ICT in schools and the International Technology in Education Mark
Keri Facer - beautiful clarity of thinking about how education could and should develop
Terry Freedman - continual articles from the chalkface on how ICT in Ed is pushing the boundaries
Julie Frankland - quality-assuring the use of ICT in education and the Self Review Framework
Paul Haigh - showing what secondary schools can achieve when they set their mind to it.
Bob Harrison - who can be relied on to kick you out of your comfort zone.
Stephen Heppell - the leading edge of change in education, worldwide. Links to innovative things done in the last two decades
Merlin John - news on developments in ICT in education and what the movers and shakers are doing
Ian Lynch - web-based approaches and using the cloud, and IT qualifications
Ewan McIntosh - visionary with his feet solidly on the ground
Jeremy Meades - good sense about school platforms, expertise in Moodle and SIF.
Chris Morley - digital media in education
David Perry - D&T, innovation and general clarity of thought
Carol Rainbow - Second Life as a CPD tool
Tom Rank - using ICT in English teaching
Alex Savage - bringing the real world into the classroom through ICT
Chris Smith - links to everything through the Shambles website
Dave Smith - working with people using visualisers to change how primary schools work
Dominic Tester - parental engagement through learning platforms
Ray Tolley - using e-portfolios to promote learning
Jean Underwood - evaluation of ICT in education
Ian Usher - using Moodle and social networking across a local authority
Chris Warren - using ICT in English teaching
John Wasteney - deep insight of the ups and downs of ICT in education
David Whyley - using mobile learning devices in schools