Online places where debate on the development of ICT in education is happening

Unless you only sleep 4 hours a night it is impossible to follow all the online debates. It is a question of finding those most in tune with the ICT in education developments you want to progress.

The main overarching association advancing education through ICT in the UK is Naace, providing weekly email newsletters and an email talklist that keeps you in touch with developments that are happening and the concerns of teachers, consultants and local authority advisers responsible for ICT in schools. The list below is a work in progress.

Edugeek - the organisation for IT technicians supporting ICT in schools
Mirandanet - an e-community of practice for international ICT policy makers, teachers, teacher educators and researchers.
Naace - the main UK association advancing education through ICT, that works closely with organisations with more specific focii.
Open Source Schools - for the community developing the use of open-source systems in schools
Visualiser Forum - people proving the potential of visualisers, mainly in primary schools
Vital - online CPD in using ICT