The Imperatives for ICT in Education.
The busy person’s guide to the absolute necessity to adopt and embed ICT in Education.

These pages are designed to help busy school leaders, teachers, governors and parents to gain an overview of why adoption of ICT in education is vital.

All those who are keen on the diverse ways ICT can benefit learning and teaching inadvertently create a problem for everyone else. There is too much information. Attempts to research best use of ICT rapidly unearth a mind-boggling range of views and opportunities. How can you decide where to spend the precious money and effort you and your school can afford?

Here you will find ‘top-level’ views and frameworks to help you decide priorities and to clarify your vision.

Imperative Views - A developing series of snapshot views of the unavoidable imperatives to adopt and embed ICT in your school. Email if you would like to receive new views (approximately monthly).
No.1 - The Three Transformational Points of ICT in education.
No.2 - An online platform, if only for admin.
No.3 - No imperative yet.
No.4 - One per child.

The landscape - the many different aspects of the added value of ICT in education; pedagogy, teacher’s skills and capabilities, organisation of schools, engagement with learning and transformation of schools’ educational offerings.