ICT in subject learning and teaching

The school’s learning platform is the first requirement for effective use of ICT to support and develop subject teaching and learning, as this underpins access to online resources and tools in class, out of class, and from home. Different subject areas then have different requirements and approaches, and different reasons why the use of ICT in education is essential and is an entitlement that all pupils and teachers should demand.

The subject associations in the UK have done a considerable amount of work to look at the importance of using ICT in teaching and learning in their subject area. Overviews, expressed as ‘entitlements’ for pupils to use ICT, can be currently be found on the Becta website. At the end of Jan 2010 all the Becta resources will be moved to the National Archive.

English Language.

The National Association for the Teaching of English has done a number of pieces of work to look at the importance of ICT in making teaching and learning more effective. The are 18 case studies looking at making hard topics easier to teach using ICT. A particularly good example to look at in this collection is ‘Wikiteers and wiki-wars’ as this shows how wikis can engage boys significantly more in discussion of poetry, resulting in them achieving considerably higher examination grades than their teacher would otherwise have expected.

NATE is currently looking at how learning platforms can enhance the teaching and learning of English.


An interesting blog (Dec 2010) from Dan Stucke on challenging pupils to find answers using ICT, along the lines of Sugatra Mitra’s work, http://www.mrstucke.com/2010/12/11/slumdog-pythagoras-minimally-invasive-education/