ICT in education in different countries

The United Kingdom

“Educational change and ICT - an exploration of priorities 2 and 3 of the DfES e-strategy in schools and colleges” is a major study from Nov 2006 that looks at whether ICT was being effectively used for online personalised support for learners, parents and practitioners, and whether a collaborative approach to personalised learning activities was transforming how people learn. The study marshals a huge amount of information but the key finding is clear in the first paragraph of the findings section (page 19): “...it quickly became clear that .....respondents’ prime concerns were with the issues of management of change associated with implementing (ICT) systems. Almost invariably these implementation issues related to ‘human factors’.” Though the review’s focus was on ‘technological solutions’ the group doing the review came to this inescapable conclusion so strongly that we felt it had to be the lead finding. Adoption and embedding of ICT in education is primarily a people issue not a technology issue.