ICT in Education impact Studies

ICT-in-Education Impact Studies are a new way to make the impacts clear to teachers, schools, parents and policy makers.

The key components of an impact study:
- The headline impact; if you can’t tell people in one sentence what the significant impact is from using an online system or software, why should they bother?
- A quick-read article; what is happening differently, producing better learning?
- Impact quantification; how much change is there in how learning is happening, that justifies the headline?
- Case study; in some detail, how is this approach to teaching and learning different to and better than the previous approach?
- The action-research questions; what metrics should teachers who try this approach be looking for, to know learning is improving?

An ICT in Education Impact Study is created by:
- Analysing the changed attitudes and learning behaviours of the pupils, that teachers observe.
- Comparing these changed learning processes to the previous practice not using ICT, to see what has improved.
- Finding ways to quantify these improvements, including those that are difficult to measure.
- Progressively linking the observed changes in learning process to the improved achievement of the pupils.
- Making sure that users of the study can access the key information quickly, then deeper information as and when they need it.

ICT in Education Impact Studies are for:
- Teachers; providing a time-effective way to capture how they are succeeding in improving teaching and learning.
- Suppliers of ICT products and services; capturing the headline improvements and building the evidence for this in a controllable, cost-effective way.
- Parents and Governors; helping them appreciate how the childrens’ school experience is changing, to whatever depth of understanding they wish.
- Education researchers; making clear how ICT is deeply changing learning interactions and posing the challenging research questions.
- Policy makers; who need to understand how the next major step in the country’s educational standards can be achieved.

Impact Study Template
Impact study rationale