‘Compelling Case’ studies
Outline of the foci of the studies being developed
as of 26 Jan 2011

From initial conversations with the schools that have volunteered to help produce ‘compelling case’ studies, the following are initial outlines of the stories it is believed can be developed. They are in no particular order.

The prime aims in moving these studies forward are:
i) to progressively quantify statements such as ‘very considerable increase in amount of work’ so that they can become ‘??% more writing’ or ‘double the amount and quality of work’ or similarly quantified headlines.
ii) to identify sufficient evidence for the schools to be comfortable in publicly supporting these statements.

- Using ICT pupils increase their writing skills by 2 or 3 sublevels over only one term, both the amount and quality of writing increasing very considerably.
- With pupils able to use their own mini-computers, learning tasks are being accomplished in a quarter of the time, with pupils on average doing considerably more research and creative work than they previously achieved.
- Pupils in the school have become so much better at exploring topics, independently researching and explaining what they have found out to their classmates, that pupils transferring to this school from elsewhere have to spend the first few weeks in the school being taught new learning skills before they can learn anything like as effectively as the pupils in this school.
- Pupils’ ability to make recordings and videos to present their work to classmates and parents has caused a huge increase in pupil confidence and quality of work. Parents are amazed at the impact the use of the pupils’ own computers is having.
- Using ICT as the catalyst and enabler, the school has raised the achievement of pupils from a very low point a few years ago to well above average now, with improved attendance and behaviour. The much improved quantity and quality of learning is now being sustained and further improved by bringing the real-world into the classroom through Internet links and video.
- Access from home to learning content and collaborative work on the school’s VLE radically extends the amount of time the pupils spend productively learning.
- Pupils who have come to this school from other schools experience huge gains in self-esteem, motivation and engagement, and hence learning, because of the way ICT is used in the school.
- By equipping pupils with their own computers and changing teaching approaches the school expects to follow in the paths of other schools and create a step change in the amount and quality of learning – watch this space!

There are more schools that have volunteered to participate that have yet to be engaged in initial conversations.