Roger has written extensively about the impact of technology on learning and how teaching and learning are changing. Through the links below you will find a wide variety of resources that will help you assess how best to create the big step-up in learning that is necessary. (This section of the website is being revised so please accept apologies if any links are not working at the moment - email me if you find any broken links.)

Understanding the kinds of changes that happen in schools that make digital approaches the norm can make it possible to achieve in only two or three years the development that has taken some schools a decade. Download the
Taxonomy of Evolutionary Stages and the Evolution within the Threads. The joint blog by Mal Lee and Roger Broadie is at The evolutionary stages of digital normalisation

Compelling Case studies - How some primary schools are now creating significantly better learners, and whether secondary schools are capitalising on this or creating a set-back for such learners. Watch the videos “It will be Weird” and “Creating better learners”.

Double the Learning! - Identify and state the full impact of ICT in education, to convince the un-convinced.

Evidence and Guidance - where to find evidence of the true impact of ICT and guidance on how to achieve it.

The stories - the anecdotes and stories gathered from schools over 30 years that contain the real insight into how ICT impacts.

The archived website of the European Education Partnership; including analysis of the value-add of ICT in Education, ICT-rich pedagogy, and teachers’ skills in ICT-rich environments.