Books and studies

The following books are recommended reading, in no particular order:

The Case Against Education. Bryan Caplan. Research heavy and not an easy read, it provides a damning indictment of schooling in the USA, with the conclusion that schooling is very little about learning and very largely about generating conformity, and a grading of students that actually says little about how well they ate prepared for employment. His conclusions apply equally well to schooling in the UK.

Tinkering Toward Utopia. David Tyack and Larry Cuban. Analysis of a century of school reform in the USA. Their conclusion is that the 'grammar of schooling' has remained fundamentally unchanged despite numerous attempts to transform education for the better. The implication is that education is now so politically controlled and politically focused that it cannot and will not fundamentally change.

This much I know about…Love Over Fear. John Tomsett. Creating a culture for truly great teaching.

Developing Growth Mindsets, Donna Wilson and Marcus Conyers.
A practical guide to developing pupils' growth mindsets.