Hear from the teachers and young people themselves.

'Compelling Case' studies.
These studies were undertaken with the help of the e-Learning Foundation, Broadgreen Primary School, Liverpool, and St Peter's Bratton C of E Primary School in Telford. The aim was to quantify the very large gains in productive learning activity achieved through good use of ICT.
- It will feel weird
- Creating better learners

- Impact; revisions of writing
- Impact; time spend writing
- The Bedtime stories project
- ICT changes learning

Focus on progress.
These videos were created to hear from teachers how they are focusing on progress to develop their pupils' growth mindset. Focusing on progress was identified through the Naace Third Millennium Learning Award as a key approach used by all the 100+ schools that gained the award. It is part of the 'virtuous cycle' to grow young people's engagement in learning.
- Capturing evidence of progress - part 1
- Capturing evidence of progress - part 2

- The culture at George Spencer Secondary School
- Developing the focus on progress at George Spencer
- Tracking progress at George Spence

- Capturing evidence of progress at Slated Row Special School

The Naace Third Millennium Learning Award.
These videos are a tiny sample of the videos from the more than 100 schools that have gained the Naace Third Millennium Learning Award. The schools were challenged to create first a short video to explain to parents why the learning experience that their children have in the school is appropriate for the digital and connected world we now live in.

Then to create a short commentary video for educators talking about the school's journey in establishing their educational approach appropriate.

The submissions enabled Naace, and the schools, to gain much greater insight into how schools are improving learning and gaining much greater engagement in learning by their pupils. There was extensive analysis of the schools' submissions by the Naace members who were Third Millennium Learning Award judges. Though the schools take very different approaches to suit their community and pupils there is an underlying common approach. To access more of these videos see the
Naace website.

In watching these videos concentrate on how the schools are changing their pupils' attitudes; engagement, aspiration, confidence and social skills. Note the stronger parental engagement. As you will hear several of the teachers say, the technology is being used not for it's own sake but because it is a key tool to achieve the school's teaching and learning objectives. The importance of the school having a clear vision for what an appropriate education for our digital and connected world should be is very clear.

These videos were produced by the schools in 2011 - 2012. They clearly show the way schools can radically improve learning - yet the majority of schools are still failing to follow their lead nearly 10 years on.

Robin Hood Primary School, Wakefield. - Video for parents -

Springwell Junior school, Hounslow
Video for parents

Ryton Park Primary School, now renamed Sparken Hill Academy.
Video for parents
Commentary video

Bradon Forest Secondary School.
Video for parents

Tupton Hall Secondary School
Video for parents

Lipson Cooperative Academy
Video for parents

The NotSchool Project.
The project was for young people seriously failed by schools, or those who could not attend for other reasons. For each of these young people you can be sure there were (and are) many more, equally capable, that schools fail to engage in learning.