Evidence of the deep malaise in schooling comes mostly from people outside the education system. However there are a few educators whose commentary on what is happening around them is very revealing.

Fiona Aubrey-Smith. Fiona's blog shares insights she has gained from the many schools she has worked with, schools where children are exceeding expectations.

Stephen Heppell.
Stephen's website contains details of the numerous projects he has run that reveal the deficiencies of schools, by showing what is possible. He is particularly interested in improving the environment for learning.

Eric Sheninger. Sheninger moved from being a school principal who banned children fro using their own technology, to realising that learning could be radically improved by changing pedagogy in ways that embrace the opportunities that digital tools and connectedness bring. Now ten years on from their first experiments with BYOD Sheninger now helps other school principals change their own schools. See his website and blog.

John Tomsett
. His blog has not only commented on things happening at his school but also on his amazement of the approaches being taken by most other schools. I particularly recommend This much I know about…resisting the misery of life in our schools in which he states " Too many schools are toxic places" - with a good example.

Peter Twining. His blog provides a range of commentary, from Peter and guest writers, and the problems with education and schooling. See particularly the contrasts between school learning and natural learning.

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