This website is being brought up to date. It still contains material from my time as a consultant, though some links may be broken and resources missing while the re-fresh is happening.

Since ceasing consultancy I have continued writing extensively about learning and schools - the links to which you will find here. Most of this material is available free.

Major publications, with Mal Lee, include
The Taxonomy of School Evolutionary Stages and the complementary publication Evolution Within the Threads. This was followed by a study Digitally Connected Families exploring how young people and families are using a mode of learning that is fundamentally different to the structured linear approach used by the schools. More recently, drawing from this study, I have co-written, with Mal Lee and Peter Twining, Your Kids Being Digital - A short guide for digitally connected families.

My blogs on education matters are at

For my writings and blogs on topics other than learning please see

The joint blog by Mal Lee and Roger Broadie is at 
The evolutionary stages of digital normalisation

This website also provides much of the evidence I have discovered in the last forty years of how schools should and can integrate digital and the connected world. And why the refusal of most schools and education systems to do this points to a very deep malaise in education today.

I am also pleased that you can still see what is happening in schools that have normalised digital in the
lovely short videos made by schools for the Naace 3rd Millennium Learning Award. - in the Naace 3MLA Youtube channel. These videos from over 100 schools provide deep insights into how school leaders, with the vision to do so, are creating educational experiences appropriate to the world young people have been born into.

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