Roger Broadie, Director, Broadie Associates

Roger Broadie has over 35 years high level experience in education technology from educational, commercial and policy perspectives. After training as an electronics engineer he worked in television production and then as a teacher. In the early 1980s Roger was seconded to the UK Government's Microelectronics in Education Programme as a computer-based learning teacher-trainer, working with Local Authorities in S.Yorkshire and Humberside. This LA consortium became the UK’s leading developer of educational software Resource, of which Roger was Deputy Director. In 1987 he joined Acorn Computers, the leading computer and network supplier to UK schools. During 10 years with Acorn he led Acorn's marketing to all sectors of education, and was responsible for Acorn’s development work with reference schools, leading ICT experts in education, and LAs and government education agencies. In the early 90s he was instrumental in creating the innovative online education service in the Cambridge on-demand interactive TV trial.

After helping plan the creation of the Apple/Acorn joint venture company Xemplar, in 1996, Roger became an independent consultant with his own consultancy company, Broadie Associates Ltd. In 2001 he was a founding Director of Learning Markets Analysis Ltd (LMA), a European network of highly placed e-learning/ICT-for-learning experts. LMA analysed learning markets and provided business consultancy, by generating cross-sector insight from its network of Directors and Associates. This analysis particularly looked at the interactions between the sectors involved in learning markets; schools/colleges, the commercial sector, and government policy.

Through Broadie Associates and LMA he has provided strategic consultancy and managed initiatives for a wide range of companies involved with ICT-for-learning, including 3Com, Adobe, AOL, Apple, Capita Education Services, Cisco, Compaq, Frog Education, IBM, Intel, KPMG, Macromedia, NETg, Northgate, Online Media, SIR software, Sun Microsystems, TASC Software and YDP. Much of this involved working closely with schools, government agencies and qualification bodies. This has been complemented by work for the UK Department for Education, Becta and the Scottish Council for Educational Technology. He has also worked for East Midlands Broadband Consortium and South West Grid for Learning and advised individual schools.

From 1997 – 2008 Roger was Chief Executive of the European Education Partnership, a non-profit industry-education membership organisation promoting education technology in the UK and Europe. He has acted as an adviser to the UK Digital Content Forum and worked with the DCF 'skills' and 'learning' industry action groups. He is a Fellow of Naace, the UK education technology association and for many years served on the Naace Board of Management. He has managed several initiatives for Naace, on personalised learning, learning platforms and Building Schools for the Future, and led the major projects on Transformed Education and online CPD. He was the prime instigator of the Naace Third Millennium Learning Award and led Naace’s work on connected-world learning. This has enabled more than 100 schools to demonstrate and explain how they have changed their curriculum and teaching approaches to drive engagement of the pupils to a much higher level, resulting in significantly raised achievement.

From Oct 2008 until Jan 2010 Roger was full-time Business Development Director at Frog Education, a leading supplier of digital environments to UK schools. During this period the company grew from 17 to over 60 staff and grew its share of the UK secondary school learning platform market to 10%. Since returning to the role of independent education consultant he has done work on the quantification of the impact of ICT in transforming education, on the impact of ICT in different areas of the curriculum and the transformational impact of ICT in the Building Schools for the Future programme.

He was a lead tutor for the Naace senior leadership programme “Towards Outstanding Teaching and Learning” and the Naace Exceptional Schools courses. He was an ICT Mark Assessor and an E-Safety Mark Assessor, visiting and assessing many schools. He is a MirandaNet Fellow and for a period was Vice Chair of Governors at Rawson Primary School, Halifax.

In 2015, together with Mal Lee, he created the Digital Evolution of Schools online group and wrote The Taxonomy of Digital School Evolution. He continues to publish other studies and books with Mal Lee.