Digital Learners; Digital Mindset

Digital learners expect to be able to use the characteristics of digital mindset in their learning.

When you know that you can learn much more effectively by incorporating digital approaches as and when needed, there is little more frustrating than not being able to do this.

Now nearly everyone is connected 24/7/365, learners should not be required to justify asking to use a computer. It is up to teachers to explain why some thinking skills and tasks are better developed without a computer.

If you are old enough to remember the time before computers, as I am, try to work out how much more productive and efficient you now are in your work. Then reflect that the majority of pupils in schools are still being required to do work on paper most of the time, with no computer to hand and no internet connection.

The elements of being a digital learner:
Digital changes learning
Young people leading learning
Learning Styles - How do you think and learn best?