Digital Schools

Digital schools normalise the use of digital.

This means more than just the school expecting teachers and pupils to use digital whenever this can make teaching and learning more effective - and enabling this.

It means that the school constructs the curriculum and develops teaching approaches that take full advantage of the digital mindset of all. The school will also strongly promote development of growth mindset; it is one of the main characteristics of digital mindset.

There will be a strong focus on engaging pupils in learning and celebrating progress. Failure will be seen as the first step to success, and a reason for collaborative work to help all to succeed. Parents and family will be involved in helping young people learn and recognise their progress. Learning will extend well beyond the classroom into the interactions pupils have with peers and family.

The school will be continuously evolving a learning ecosystem, the school developing pupils' personal responsibility for their learning and that of others, This will extend into pupils' whole lives.

You will recognise a digital school and its success by the energy that pupils bring to their learning.

The elements of being a digital school:
Pupils’ “ownership” of their school
Spending money differently
People not technology
Digital data never dies.